Friday, August 15, 2014

Week #2

Brayden has been pretty busy this week! On Monday we went by the Fort Osage fire station to see some fire trucks. They were great and even offered to take Brayden for a ride, but Brayden was VERY afraid of the trucks. He wanted to be held and most certainly did not want to get inside any of the trucks :( Hopefully next time he will be less scared.
After the fire trucks we went to dinner with mawmaw and pawpaw on the Independence square. While we were there we saw an old wagon being pulled by mules and Brayden wanted to go for a ride so we did. It was a short twenty minute historic tour and it was actually pretty neat. Brayden enjoyed the ride and loved watching what he called "horses". The guide corrected him and told him they were mules not horses, and Brayden looked very confused. He did stop and pet the mules when our ride was over but still called them "horse".
On Tuesday we headed to clinic and unfortunately this week's chemo was not as quick as last weeks. We spent a little over three hours in clinic Tuesday morning but Brayden did well considering. He did better for his port access with the numbing cream but he did cry when I said it was time to take our shirt off. After he got settled into my lap and the nurse began scrubbing the port site he attempted to kick her and I felt terrible because he barely missed her pregnant belly.  Thankfully Bret was there to hold down his feet and after we started singing his favorite song he calmed pretty quickly. For the next three hours he played with his bus, watched bubble guppies, and ate three bags of goldfish. I found out that we barely made counts the week before. His ANC was 790 and to receive chemo it must be >750. They thought his ANC dropped due to that viral infection that also caused his fevers. This week his ANC was 2000, so it bounced back nicely! Thankfully he is tolerating the chemo very well, and I have not noticed any side effects at this point.
 After chemo we went and got him a haircut. He actually likes going to the barber and is pretty chatty with them. They did a great job as usual and then Brayden headed home for a nap. After his nap we went to get his pictures taken. Monika with MonPhotography was kind enough to take some pictures for free! We took them outside as a nature preserve and she was really great with Brayden. I am excited to get them because I think they are going to be really good.
On Wednesday we got out and did some shopping for fall clothes for Brayden. I am amazed to see how much he has grown, but mostly he is only getting taller, not really heavier. This is making shopping for him quite difficult because the pants that fit him around the waist are too short and the pants that are long enough don't stay up. After making him try lots of things on we did find him a couple pairs of jeans that I think will work after I wash and dry them. It appears that the adjustable waistband is going to be our friend this year.
Yesterday Brayden went to mothers day out and I got some stuff done around the house. It's amazing how much I miss him when he's at "school" even though he's only gone from 9:30-3. In two weeks he will start going on Wednesdays AND Thursdays, and while I know he loves going I am going to miss him like crazy. Watching all the kindergarteners on facebook yesterday made me happy and nervous because there is a chance that Brayden will be starting real school starting in January (at 3 years old).
Currently all of our therapy is through "first steps", which is a state run program to address toddlers needs in the home and teach parents what to do to help their child. It's similar to "parents as teachers" but with a whole array of therapists (PT, OT, speech). Unfortunately kids age out of this program on their third birthday and transition to the school district instead. I go to our appointment with the school district in a couple of weeks to determine what will happen when he turns three. I will know a lot more after that appointment, but the short story is this: Based on where he lands on his developmental evaluation he could start going to the early childhood center for special education for three hours Monday through Thursday, he could qualify for zero therapy at all, OR somewhere in between. That decision is up to the district so I am relieved we live where we do. Who would have thought when we bought our home that the school district would be deciding what Brayden needs?
He has been talking about going to pawpaws house all day today. I think he knows that mommy packing her lunchbox means he is going to pawpaws for the weekend and it makes him one happy kid. I'm sure they will have a great weekend as usual!

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