Friday, August 29, 2014

Week #4

Brayden had a great week! Unfortunately he has decided naps are over (even though I know he is tired) and keeps saying "I don't want to" when it's time for his nap. I am not too sure what to do about that, so for now I have just been putting him to bed earlier at night.
He actually fell asleep in the cart.....
He enjoyed his class at Marion Hope on Monday, and then we went by the toy store to get a case for his hot wheels. While we were there he pulled a HUGE dump truck off the shelf and said he wanted it. I told him he could have it if he could carry it to the register. Hehehe. He gave it a valiant effort, but couldn't even get it off the ground. It was very cute and I probably would have bought the truck for him except he has the smaller version at home :)
On Tuesday we were in and out of clinic in 2 1/2 hours and he did great as usual. His ANC is continuing to drop which is a bit concerning because our team wasn't anticipating his counts to be affected this much. We will be changing his antibiotic back to IV instead of using the oral Bactrim at home since the Bactrim can suppress the immune system. I am hopeful that he will make counts next week, but I also won't be surprised if he doesn't.
Running out of clinic!
On Wednesday we went to an event to remember a young man named Blake Gresham. Blake was a tow tuck driver hat was sadly struck by a vehicle while attempting to tow a vehicle on the Bond bridge in KC. He was a very young 18 years old when he passed away that day :(
Tow trucks gathered at Riverfront park and turned their lights on at dark to remember Blake and to remind everyone to move over and slow down for emergency vehicles. They were kind enough to let Brayden climb into the trucks, and they let him help turn on Blakes truck lights a dark. It was a great event and I am always amazed when you see the community come together to support a great cause.
Last night we went to Aunt Jills for dinner. He was so excited when we turned into their neighborhood and immediately started in roll call fashion "I wanna see Aunt Jill, I wanna see Uncle Shaun, I wanna see Wizzie, and I wanna see Wogan"! Those three little ones ran around like crazy ones while my sister made dinner, and it was nice to see Brayden having fun with his friends. They has a few intense moments, but they did well :)
Today we went to our appointment with the school district. It was pretty uneventful and they asked me tons of questions about Brayden. They took notes based on what I said and told me they would be letting us know what areas they wanted to test Brayden in within 30 days. The testing would take place in the next 30 days, and we would get the results and plan within the next 30 days. So basically we won't know anything until late November.
Tonight we will be heading out to Santacaligon to check out some crafts and let Brayden ride some carnival rides. When I drove by earlier it looked like they have the race cars he loved so much as Myrtle Beach, I just hope he's tall enough to ride them.......
Have a good weekend everyone and as always, thanks for praying for Brayden!

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