Friday, September 5, 2014

Week # 5

The last week has been jam packed with fun! Friday night we took Brayden and Lizzy to dinner,
Brayden LOVES HiBoy cheeseburgers :)
and then to Santicaligon to ride rides. They had an awesome time and I think the racecars are still their favorite.
He spent the weekend with mawmaw and pawpaw and they were kind enough to take him to the pool both Saturday and Sunday. On Monday we went to Schlitterbahn and all the kids LOVED it.
They played in the kiddy area for a while and then we headed for the cooler stuff. They have these tubes there that are for two people, but the front hole has a bottom for them to sit in. Brayden and I went down the small water coaster and while we headed down the first drop I thought "oh no he's going to be scared" but then I heard the giggles. When we got to the bottom he was laughing uncontrollable and said "I wanna go again" but the lines were just too long. We floated down the many rivers, but found that he enjoyed to fast moving rapids the most so we did that twice :)
On Tuesday we went to clinic and he did great! He barely cried when it was time for port access and counted with the nurse 1, 2, 3....poke. He got his first dose of the IV antibiotic but it made him vomit :( We paused the infusion and the nurse gave him some medicine before restarting the infusion. His ANC actually went up and he made counts with plenty of room to spare!
Tuesday evening we took Brayden to his first Royals game and he had an awesome time. He ate lots of ballpark food, drank soda, and cheered on the boys in blue.
He didn't really understand but he loved cheering anyway!
Wednesday and Thursday he went to "school" at mothers day out and had a great time. When I picked him up both days he said "I had fun", so letting him go two days was definitely the right decision!
Today we are just taking it easy and doing some stuff around the house. As I got his bag out to get him ready to go to pawpaws house tonight he actually got his braces out of his drawer and threw them in the bag. He also told me "I need my float", but I don't think he understands that all the pools are closed :( I think next week we will try to take him somewhere to swim indoors....

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