Friday, September 19, 2014

Weeks #6 & #7

I am so happy to report to you all that Brayden is being a rock star recently! He is tolerating his chemo without hardly any side effects (except for general crankiness which I assume is pain), and best of all he is consistently making counts week after week! So far out oncology team was right, this chemo protocol is a walk in the park compared to our last one, and for that I am extremely grateful!
We have been just taking it easy mostly, letting Brayden play outside when the weather is nice, and letting him decide what he wants to do. Since our last blog he's been to the aquarium, to IKEA, and to the zoo. I'm a little bit sad fall is here because that means it is going to get cold and this kid LOVES going outside. On the other hand, I am excited for all things fall as well. I wonder if he will actually be interested in pumpkins this year, but I know he is going to love going trick or treating. I have his costume all picked out and I just started working with him on what he "will be" for Halloween and how to say trick or treat and hold his bucket out for treats.
Most recently Peterson Manufacturing company built Brayden a big mailbox and filled it with goodies. He loved getting the stuff out and he has been getting a couple pieces of mail out of his box each day. We are so appreciative they did this for Brayden!
Yesterday I learned that Brayden is going to get to attend the Monday night Chiefs vs Patriots game in style. They have special made him a shirt with the #2 and his name on the back and he has field passes as well for before the game. I am sure he will have fun (although daddy may have more fun than Brayden) and I want to thank everyone who helped make this extraordinary experience possible :)
As far as the school topic, I met with the school district again and they have decided what areas they will test him in. Those areas are "gross motor" (running and jumping), fine motor (manipulating puzzle pieces), and "general intelligence" (is he understanding what he is saying, does he know his colors, can he count, etc). They said they will not likely test him until late October or early November because the testing is more accurate the closer he is to three years old. Fingers crossed that he will show them where his skills truly are and that he qualifies for whatever therapies he needs.
Keep in mind that Brayden's 2nd annual volleyball tournament fundraiser is coming up at Centerline in Blue Springs and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there. Everyone is welcome to play sand volleyball, but if you don't want to play you can still come by for food, drinks, and some awesome raffle prizes. We are still accumulating prizes but so far we have a bbq grill, a football signed by Alex Smith, and lots of restaurant gift cards. As always thank you for reading about Brayden and praying for him!!!!!!

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