Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week # 10

Brayden has had a great week so far! A big thank you goes out to everyone who came out or helped in anyway for Brayden's Volleyball tournament. We do still have some tshirts and bracelets for sale if you are interested.......Just send a check with your order to:
Standing with Brayden 
PO Box 450
Grain Valley, MO 64029
He went to group therapy on Monday and did well as usual. The teachers said he is doing AWESOME, but they do have a few things for us to work on. That being said Brayden is lacking in some areas, but we are working on them. The most important thing is that he is happy, and he continue to make progress with every passing day!

Brayden did great in clinic on Tuesday and he cried zero tears the entire time we were there. His counts are doing awesome and I am grateful for that because he is going to be a ring bearer in his Uncle Pat's wedding tomorrow night and now I won't have to be a germ gel/Lysol wipe freak!
He had school yesterday and today, and then tonight is the rehearsal dinner. Prayers that he will be wearing his listening ears and be cooperative would be greatly appreciated.
Tuesday afternoon I attempted to turn our air conditioner back on because Brayden was complaining "It's hot in here". Unfortunately when I turned it on I found it to be blowing warm air. We had a company out yesterday who found it to be low on 'Freon", and unfortunately they found the the coil is leaking (which also works our heat). He basically told us it isn't worth fixing and that we need a whole new system. I had him fill it with Freon and I am hoping that leak is slow and that it will limp along for as long as possible.
In other news, the gymnastic gym GAGE in Blue Springs is having a fundraiser for Brayden. It will be a "bump city" which is basically where they open the gym for kids to play on the equipment for a few hours, and it will take place on Saturday October 25th. I'll share more info when I know more :)
We have also been gifted tickets for Monday nights ALCS game so we can take Brayden!!! These tickets were gifted to us by a kind man we just met who knew we were trying to buy tickets last week. He reached out to us Monday night to see if we were able to get tickets and when I said we couldn't he offered us a pair of tickets. I was speechless because the demand is so high he could have done many other things with those tickets. A big thank you goes out to him for his extreme generosity.  
As always, thanks to everyone who follows or prays for my sweet Brayden. I continue to believe it makes a difference!

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