Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week # 24 (and an upcoming MRI)

The last couple weeks have been pretty quiet around our house as it has been too cold to really get out with Brayden and daddy was swabbed and tested positive for the flu. Daddy spent ALL of last week isolated in our basement, and I very much appreciate his willingness to do that for myself as well as for Brayden. Brayden certainly missed him and asked me multiple times "Where is daddy". I simply told him daddy was working and that seemed to suffice no matter what time of day or night it was which was nice, but it was also a little disappointing that  he didn't know otherwise......
He has been rocking out his clinic/chemo visits without any problems although it does take longer when you go in the afternoons. When we were going in the morning we would occasionally get in and out in 1.5-2 hours, but now it pretty much takes three hours. He falls asleep more often at clinic now too since he is getting up so early for school, but on non clinic days that means he is back to napping for a bit in the afternoons :) He doesn't want to nap but he is so much sweeter in the evenings if he gets a short nap.
He seems to be liking school and he LOVES riding the bus. He has been riding each morning and waits anxiously at the door for it to arrive, so starting tomorrow he will be riding both ways. I think he will enjoy it and it is a lot more convenient for this mommy. This school thing is different though, not really getting a report everyday. They send his craft home in his backpack as well as a form where they circle his mood (so far we always get happy) and what he played with (always either trains or cars) and if he played alone or with a friend (always alone). I was hoping for a little more info, but it is what it is I guess. Everyday this week he has told me that he "rode the skywheel" when I ask about school, and when I ask "what else" he says "I don't know". Hopefully we will start making some progress soon with his receptive language..... It's tough because he knows what phrases to use, but it is clear at times that he doesn't understand what he is saying or what is being asked of him.  
As far as the potty training, it's not going too well. It's funny to me that when your pregnant other moms warn you about sleepless nights, colic, picky eaters etc, but nobody tells you how terrible the potty training will be. I think it is extra difficult with Brayden because you don't know what he is understanding so you don't know if he understands the expectations. After discussing our last week with our nurse practitioner we have decided to take a step back for a couple of weeks and try to not pressure him. She suggested more books, and more talking with him about the expectations before we try again. She suggested that with his learning disabilities he may just not be ready but she seemed positive we would get there eventually so that is reassuring :)
Next Monday Brayden will be having an MRI. This MRI marks the halfway point of this chemo protocol and I have high hopes for good results, but I am also trying to prepare myself for the other possibility. Our MRI 3 months ago didn't necessarily show bad things, but it also didn't show good things so that makes me nervous about the upcoming MRI. The MRI will be Monday morning, but I don't anticipate any results until our appointment on Tuesday although sometimes they do call us that same afternoon. All prayers are greatly appreciated and as always, thank you so much for reading about and praying for our sweet boy!!

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