Monday, March 30, 2015

It's been a long time!

Its been 2+ months since my last blog! I'm not sure why I haven't been blogging other than sometimes it seems like I don't have much to say and the blogs get a bit redundant I think. I guess the other reason is that we have just been staying busy, but it has been brought to my attention that people are wondering what's going on with our sweet Brayden!
Overall Brayden is doing great, and is making huge strides in his language and motor skills since beginning school in January. He loves riding the bus and going to school, and seems disappointed on Fridays that the bus isn't coming to take him to school. He has been sorting/matching like it's easy and reciting nursery rhymes like it's no big deal too! School really has been good for him and I am so grateful that we have that resource available to us.
He has been spending time with Lizzy and Logan, who he refers to as "his people". We had a fabulous time as Disney on ice a few weeks ago and then we stopped by the auto show. Brayden and Lizzy must have crawled in and out of a dozen cars and I was amazed at just how much more strength he has built up because he is climbing pretty well these days!
As far as the chemo, it's going reasonably well. We go to clinic every other week for his chemo, and it takes 5-6 hours as a general rule. Sadly he gets a monthly IV antibiotic and I don't know what it is about mixing that particular drug with the chemo but on those weeks he is violently ill. At our last cycle he was actually vomiting before the infusions finished and vomited all the way home even though he had 2 doses of IV Zofran and IV Benadryl. Thankfully on the other weeks he doesn't seem to be sick, just a little over tired. Our next MRI is on April 13th and I am hopeful that this protocol will give us stable results.
Brayden also got his room redecorated with nothing other than his favorite thing....... Firetrucks!! Somewhere along the way he has turned into a little boy, and now he has his big boy bed to match his big boy personality :)
In other news, Brayden is very excited about getting a sister. We have been trying to have a sibling for Brayden for nearly three years and it has been a difficult journey, but we did it! He is telling everyone "I'm gonna be a big brother", and every time we walk by her room he says "that's gonna be my sister's room".  I am anticipating her arrival towards the end of July, providing she doesn't need to come out early. They are monitoring her and I much closer than they did when I was pregnant with Brayden and so far things look great! I just hope he will be as excited to meet her when she arrives as he is now!
My mom found this picture of me from when I was little......
It is amazing how much Brayden and I look alike. It seriously looks like we dressed Brayden in pink but that's really me! We head back to clinic tomorrow after school for his next round of chemo..... As always thank you to everyone who is reading about, thinking about, and praying for Brayden!

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  1. you are a very strong woman! your sudtbe not envy! you should stay and be an example for her son